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The Social Policy and Action Organization, a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization (reg. no. 4146) was established in Cyprus in August 2014. The primary cause of the Organization is to work towards the enhancement of quality of life of citizens and human welfare, primarily those with fewer opportunities, covering all social policy related areas in Cyprus. The Organization through its work actively supports and promotes the most important principles of quality of life, for all people, thus being, among others, Human Well Being, Health, Financial Independence, Family Status, Socialization and Social Protection.

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Initiative promoting tolerance and solidarity through sport.



Break the Wall: Bringing Non Formal Sports to the Youth Organizations 



Sexual Violence

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Prevention and Awareness Centre "React Act Prevent Sexual Violence

  #LeadTheWay Challenge #ReactActPrevent Sexual Violence  

  Within the framework of the project "React Act Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work" funded by Erasmus+  

Youth Awareness Raising Campaign React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence

Women working in clothing and shoe factories in third countries, and not only, the likelihood of large well-known companies in the US and Europe, are experiencing systematic sexual harassment and violence in their work on a daily basis. 

React Act Prevent Sexual Violence in Fashion Industry

React Act Prevent Sexual Violence Social Media Challenges

A team of dynamic, energetic young activists who have developed conscious and concern about the negative impact and consequences of sexual violence on victims and have the strong desire to work towards sensitization and awareness raising against sexual violence. 

Within the framework of the project "React Act Prevent Sexual

Violence Through Youth Work" funded by Erasmus+

A glimpse into the Youth Ambassador Meetings 

2nd Youth Ambassador Meeting
3rd Youth Ambassador Meeting

Our Events 

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Effective sexual violence primary prevention practical policies, programmes, actions

React Act Prevent Sexual Violence for Better Communities

What's New?

Report on Migrants’ Upskilling Needs in Sport

Project Curricular Pathways for Migrants’ Empowerment through Sport (CPMES)

Report on the identification of the upskilling needs of migrants to sport and migrant stakeholders at the level of each partner country.

National Report on Research on Upskilling Needs of Sport Management Educators

Project Curricular Pathways for Migrants’ Empowerment through Sport (CPMES)

Report on ETS Profiles, including a pondered assessment over the potential integration, improvements and modification to the skills, knowledge and methods in light of the peculiarities and needs of the migrant target

Youth Exchange Funded by Erasmus+

Another great project,the Youth Exchange entitled "Just Be Yourself! organized by the Social Policy and Action Organization came to a closure with success.

Programme coordinated by the Cyprus Commissioner of Volunteerism and NGOs

The Social Policy and Action Organization announces its active involvement and participation in the "Volunteer Forest and Rural Observer" Program and the "Volunteer Management Protocol" in times of crisis operated and managed by the Commissioner for Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organizations, in collaboration with the Department of Forests, the Cyprus Fire Service and the Cyprus Civil Defence.

Funded by the Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership

The Social Policy and Action Organization is a partner organization at the project entitled "Youth Volunteering Certification - Youth Voice". The project aims exactly to foster the inclusion, active youth participation and enhance employability of young people by the establishment of a certificate of volunteer work. In this frame, this project revolves the implementation of ECVET system for the validation of knowledge, skills and competencies of young volunteers and youth workers.


Funded by Erasmus + K1 Mobility of Youth Workers Programme of the EU

A beautiful initiative designed, prepared and performed by 36 youth workers, representing youth NGOs from 11 different EU countries namely Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Malta, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Participants worked together as a team to design the Flash-Mob, discussing the targeted theme, different scenarios, as well as building and preparing all characters and moves. Equality for All was the strong message these youth workers sent to people at Finikoudes in Larnaca, Cyprus. Hundreds of people applauded the Flash-Mob and encouraged participants to continue. They continued by playing volley-ball and inviting other young people to participate.