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Volunteering Certification

The Social Policy and Action Organization is a partner organization at the Youth Volunteering Certification Project. 

The Youth Volunteering Certification - Youth Voice project is funded by K2-Strategic Partnership of the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU.


The project aims to foster the inclusion, active youth participation and enhance employability of young people by the establishment of a certificate of volunteer work. In this frame, this project revolves the implementation of ECVET system for the validation of knowledge, skills and competencies of young volunteers and youth workers.


YECh brings together 7 youth organizations, with youth assosiations and youth training center within the consortium from Germany, Greece, UK, Portugal,Italy, Cyprus and Belgium.

Within this context, the project’s objectives are:

  • To promote skills, competencies and knowledge that young people in participation countries and in general Europe gained through volunteer work and informal and non-formal learning processes 

  • To foster the inclusion and employability of young people, including people with fewer opportunities and young immigrants and refugees

  • To support improvements in quality and innovation in youth work and volunteer work in NGOs, organizations and institutions (private and public) and further develop and train people involved in the field of youth

  • To foster the recognition and quality of volunteer work and promote the networking, training and exchanging of good practices among youth workers in a local, regional and European level.


Target Groups: volunteers, young people, youth organizations, NGOs staff members, team leaders, youth leaders, trainers, youth and social workers.


Direct: people who work with young volunteers, youth, and in general people directly and actively participate at project's activities and they come from different sectors and have different backgrounds (private and public sector, formal and non formal education etc.)​

Indirect: local youth and volunteers with special focus on the marginalized youth or youngsters with fewer opportunities - members of organizations (young people with migrant/refugee background, youngsters that face economic obstacles or come from rural area).​

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