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 Stand Up Together! 

The Project

 The Project 

The Project STAND UP TOGETHER! was coordinated by the Social Policy and Action Organization, in Cyprus, under the framework of its educational programme Chance2Learning and was funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. In the project, 13 voluntary organizations from 11 EU countries, participated as partners. The project in general aimed to empower volunteers and staff working for youth organizations supporting children and young people with fewer opportunities, originating from vulnerable and/or poor families. Specifically, the project’s aims were a) to strengthen, improve and develop the skills, abilities and competencies of NGO volunteers/staff on a personal level and b) to provide training on new innovative non-formal educational tools and methods, which could be adopted and included in their daily work, to increase the standards of services provided and achieve quality of effectiveness and impact.


The Toolkit “STAND UP TOGETHER: Support to Young People with Fewer Opportunities” represents a resource booklet, which has been developed and published, as one of the end results of the project STAND UP TOGETHER!, funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union.

The Toolkit includes suggested non-formal educational methods and tools, used in youth work, practically developed and implemented during the Training Course. All methods and tools can be adopted and utilized by Youth Organizations supporting children or young people with fewer opportunities to a) empower and support their staff and volunteers on a personal level b) enhance skills, abilities and competences and c) include in programmes supporting children and young people with fewer opportunities. Some methods and tools were inspired by the work of other professionals in the youth field, which have been proven effective, and are been acknowledged at the end of the Toolkit. 

Stand Up Together! Flash mob organized at Paphos Harbor, Cyprus on 30th July 2016, to send messages of love, solidarity, standing for each other, and peace. The flash mob was one of the team-building activities organized during the training course, Stand Up Together!, organized by the Social Policy and Action organization, from 25th to 31st July 2016, in Pafos. The project was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The main activity of the project was the organization of the Training Course STAND UP TOGETHER!, from 25 to 31 July 2016, at Kissos Hotel, Pafos, with 42 participants from 15 different countries, representing the partner organizations. The course aimed at:

a) providing knowledge and training to participants on issues of poverty and volunteering, stereotypes in society, effects of poverty on children/young people, children's rights in society, prejudices against children/young people with fewer opportunities, social exclusion and tackling, characteristics /skills/abilities of NGO volunteers/staff working with children/young people representing vulnerable groups, relationship between volunteer-child, personal empowerment, self-esteem and personal worth, love of self, develop key skills as a leader / leader / team manager, coach, mentor, counsellor and abilities on conflict resolution and arbitration for resolving problems;

b) promoting the history and culture of Cyprus through organized visits and Cyprus theme  evening;

c) getting familiar with other cultures of Europe, by organizing intercultural evenings with traditional food presentations, sweets, clothing and other;

d) providing networking opportunities for discussion and exchange of views and ideas for future joint actions and practices and collaboration among participants and NGOs;

e) providing socialization and entertainment opportunities.

During the seminar non formal educational methods and tools were used, including interactive games and exercises, team building activities, simulation exercises, self-reflection and self-assessment exercises, experiential workshops, role-play exercises, small group discussions, and more.

In order to achieve project objectives, including visibility and dissemination of results the project was further enhanced with the following activities:

1) Flash Mob STAND UP TOGETHER! organized on 30th July 2016 at Pafos Harbour. All participants performed an energetic dance show, closing with holding boards with messages for love, cooperation, support, equality for all, tolerance, acceptance, equal opportunities, equal rights, peace and others, countries participated at the project and the Erasmus + as the funding source of the project. Hundreds of guests at the Harbour watched the flash mob, and congratulated participants for their initiative. (Link:

2) Networking Event organised on 30th July 2016, providing a communication platform for representatives from local, national and European NGOs, to get to know each other, establish contacts, exchange information on NGOs and actions and discuss opportunities for future collaborations and projects. The event was attended by Mr. Yiannis Giannaki, Commissioner for Volunteering and Non Governmental Organisations. Mr. Yiannis Yiannaki presented the state of growth and development of volunteerism in Cyprus as well as current and future programmes, actions and activities to promote active volunteerism among young people.

3) Toolkit entitled STAND UP TOGETHER: Support to Young People with Fewer Opportunities published upon conclusion of the Training Course.

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