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The Social Policy and Action Organization successfully coordinated the project "Just Be Yourself!", funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project aimed at a) contributing towards the healthy and positive personal development of young people using non-formal tools and methods which have proven effective in a) increasing self-awareness, positive self-image, just be and love oneself, b)enhancing important skills in communication, visioning, goal setting and life planning c) enriching or attaining social skills and abilities, c)developing confidence, self-respect and self-esteem and d)building personal strengths for utilization on personal and professional levels.

The project was encompassed by the following activities:

1) the organization of a Youth Exchange organized from 5th-11th May 2019 in Larnaca, Cyprus, with the participation of 40 young volunteers accompanied by 10 youth workers, leaders, managers, from 10 EU countries, in particular Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

2) the production of a short video entitled Just Be Yourself, aiming at raising awareness regarding a) the opportunities provided to youth by Erasmus Plus, b) the collaborative work achieved between the participants, c) tolerance, equality for all and inclusion for all young people with fewer opportunities and d) the empowerment of young people on a personal level, as well as e) the development to promote equality, tolerance, social inclusion, through similar activities implemented around the world.

3) the organization of a Treasure Hunting in the City, aiming at team-building and empowerment of participants.

4) the Treasure Hunting will lead to the production of a video entitled “Youth and the City” and

5) the organization of a networking event with the aim to a) disseminate information about the project, activities and results, b) all participants, including the ones from local organizations will present their organizations, and c) new contacts will be created among participants for future collaboration

The project was coordinated by the Social Policy and Action Organization in collaboration with the German Youth for European Unity (Germany), the United Societies of Balkans (Greece), the Associzione Di Promozione Sociale Joint (Italy), the Unique Projects (Lithuania), the Cross Culture International Foundation CCIF (Malta), the Stowarzyszenie Na Rzecz Dzieci I Mlodziezy Uskrzydlamy (Poland), the Asociatia Centrul Pentru Strategii De Dezvoltare A Tineretului (Romania), the Youth Empowerment in a European Society (Slovakia) and the Studentska Organizacija Univerze V Ljubljani (Slovenia).

Just Be Yourself!

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