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 The Project 

 The Project 

The Social Policy and Action Organization coordinated a project entitled “Violence and Bullying Among Young People”, funded by the YOUTH Programme of the European Commission.

The project involved the organisation and implementation of a Training Course , entitled “Combating Violence and Bullying Among Young People”  on 4th to 10th May 2014, in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In total 23 youth workers, youth leaders, youth researchers participated at the Training Course representing different youth organisations in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Malta and Cyprus.

The aims of the Training Course were a) to bring together representatives from youth organisations working with othe young people from different EU countries for a common severe social problem that of youth violence and bullying, b) to transfer knowledge, know-how and expertise to participants on the severe issue of violence and bullying among young peole and to present methods and programmes for prevention, c) to present innovative programmes and success stories implemented in other countries for raising awareness and educating teachers, parents and youth workers.

During the training course a combination of methods applied, thus included theoetical seminars for participants to receive the basic theoretical background, presentations by key-speakers specialised on issues of youth violence and prevention, interactive workshops to receive knowledge of methods to apply in their youth work, small and large group discussions to exchange information, expertise and know-how, short film presentations and discussions, energizers and team-building activities and distribution of educational and other material.


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