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The Social Policy and Action Organization participants and is actively involved in the "Volunteer Forest and Rural Observer" Program and the "Volunteer Management Protocol" in times of crisis operated and managed by the Commissioner for Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organizations, in collaboration with the Department of Forests, the Cyprus Fire Service and the Cyprus Civil Defence.
The Organization participates in all program activities, including meetings between all stakeholders, and has already declared active volunteer observers in several areas of Cyprus who are committed to support the program and provide their services.
As Mr Giannakis, the Commissioner for Volunteering and Non-Governmental Organizations mentioned, volunteers "will act as additional eyes, in support of the programs of the departments responsible for the prevention of fires in our countryside and forests. They will observe, he said, without intervening in the incidents and will immediately notify the relevant departments on phones 1407 and 112. "
At the same time, the Boad and volunteers of the Organization have already expressed their desire to support all actions and activities to be decided and integrated into the Volunteer Management Protocol in times of crisis, which operates in line with the "Forest and Rural Observer" Program.

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