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Start now !: A Strategic Partnership to

Promote Health among Young People


“Start now!: Strategic partnership for health promotion among youth” is a project in the frame of ERASMUS+ Programme Key Action 2: Strategic partnerships. The main objective of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle among youth off all ages. The project is implemented in 2017 - 2018, in three European countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland.



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Project Website:


Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnership, Training Course, Poland

The purpose of the Training Course, organized from 9th-19th Martch 2018, is to familiarize its participants with non-formal education methods about health. Innovative method is based on modules and it is the result of cooperation of 3 organizations at the international level.

Youth leaders representing different organizations in each partner country, interested in the methods and want to implement it in their work with youth, will participate.  


Upon completion of the training, the organizations participating in the training will receive a NEC (Non formal education center) certificate. The task of the organization will be to implement at least one module among the young people with whom it works and to complete the survey before and after the workshops.

9th-12th August 2018. Sofia, Bulgaria

The aim of the meeting was to summarize all stages of the project, evaluate all activities and collaboration. Moreover, we have prepared final events of the project which are – Open Days organize in our countries on October 2018.

The project is coming to an end and all partners were proud, since the main results namely the modules of non-formal education about health have been successfully developed and uploaded on the learning platform.During this long partnership partners became friends, exchanged experiences and learnt a lot from each other. 

This project is organized in the frame of Erasmus+ KA2, between 3 partner NGOs: Social Policy an Action Organization from Nicosia, Cyprus, Bulgarian Sports Development Association from Sofia, Bulgaria and Health related Organization for Promotion and Prevention from Opole, Poland as a project coordinator.

20-23 October 2017. Larnaca, Cyprus

The 3rd International Partner Meeting, of the project START NOW! A Strategic Partnership to Promote Health among Youth, was successfully organized from 20 to 23 October 2017 in Larnaca, Cyprus. The project is funded by Erasmus+ K2 Strategic Partnerships. Project partners discussed activities carried out during the project, including the preparation of training modules in the field of health education, the publication and the international training of youth workers in Poland in March 2018. Future project activities will include the establishment of non-formal education centers (NEC) will be set up and will be managed by the partner organizations. An interactive international youth information portal will also be set up, which will also focus on training youth workers in health and prevention. A conference on this topic will be held in 2018 as well as information days in partner countries.

2nd Transnational Partner Meeting

30η Ιουνίου -1 Ιουλίου 2017. Sofia, Bulgaria

The 2nd transnational partnr meeting, was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks to our bulgarian partner: Bulgarian Sports Development Association we had spend 4 hard working days during which we reached another step in our project: “Start now!: Strategic partnership for health promotion among youth”.

The project is organized under the framework of Erasmus+ KA2, between 3 partner NGOs: above named bulgarian association, Social Policy an Action Organization from Nicosia, Cyprus and Health related Organization for Promotion and Prevention from Opole, Poland as a project coordinator.

The meeting was held between 30.06 and 3.07 of 2017. Those days created possibilities for work on the innovative non formal education method in the frame of health education. Moreover we have prepared questionnaires form for the survey related to projects aims. The introduction was finalised into the final publication, which contain project countries youth health status and health education level analysis.

Experience on project promotion was shared and local level activities were discussed. New milestones were created. 

1st Transnational Partner Meeting

21st-24th April 2017. Opole, Poland

The 1st international meeting,  was held in Opole, in Poland, between 21st and 24th of April 2017. During that get-together, the project was officially launched, within the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme with Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership between European NGOs.

During those intensive, but very resourceful days the partnership was formally sealed by signing internal agreement between partner organizations. Future steps and timetable was set on the rest of our project, which is originally planned for almost 2 years (till the end of 2018). 

The main idea of the project is to teach young people about health. This will be achieved by raising awareness using non-formal educational tools and not just presenting facts and clues, like it is commonly performed in health education. For this purpose, a non-formal education based on modules system will be formulated. 

Background of our partnership is strong cooperation between our organizations that now have lasted from 3 years. During this gathering, we have got to know each other even better. Bulgarian team was represented by Joanna Dochevska and Kalinka Gudarovska, Cyprus – by Ifigenia Katchie and Konstantina Katsie, HOPP – by Martyna Jaros and Piotr Jaros.

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