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Founder, Director and President of the Board

Ifigenia Katchie holds an MA in European Studies from the University of Exeter and a BA in Turkish Studies (orientation politics) with additional courses on Sociology from the University of Cyprus. She has extensive experience, expertise and know-how in project management issues specialised on European funding programmes, since 2001. Her career in European funding programmes was launched with her work as a Project Officer for the European Commission at the Civil Society Programme in Cyprus. She is also a qualified expert evaluator of proposals for funding, and a trainer on social sciences related issues, with years of experience on the field, she holds collaboration with different stakeholders in Cyprus and abroad and has represented Cyprus in a number of European social programmes, Seminars and Conferences on social policy issues. She has participated as an independent expert consultant on social policy issues, in a number of Committees and discussion groups organized for the active participation of civil society organizations on issues related to human rights, sexual violence prevention and others. She is the founder of the Social Policy and Action Organization since 2014. Her research interest include social policies for people with fewer opportunities, gender issues, gender mainstreaming, promotion of equality, equal opportunities and equal rights, combating sexual violence, and working towards a society where all citizens are treated as equal.

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President of the Youth, Vice President of the Board

Demetris Katchis is a student of Culinary Arts at the Higher Hotel Institute Cyprus. He has been working as volunteer since 2015, and he has act as youth leader in a number of youth projects funded by Erasmus+. He has been coordinating the youth activities of the organization since its foundation, including spots events, music themed nights and the organization of educational and training days. His interest include creating recipes mastering the different spices, handball and futsal and coaching and mentoring of youngsters. 

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Expert Policy Adviser, Criminologist

Chryso Pantopiou-Siamboulli works at the Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority of Cyprus. She holds an MA in Criminology from Cambridge University and BA in Turkish Studies and Public Relations/Journalism. She has extensive interest in social policy related issues, promotion of equal rights and opportunities and protection of environment. Throughout her career she has contributed actively in policy-making procedures and development of policy recommendations within her professional environment as well as with her participation in active voluntary programmes.



Coordinator of the Project "Epilepsy and I"

AristoteliaFala was born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus. She holds an Accounting and Finance degree from the European University of Nicosia. She also obtained an MA in European Governance and Politics from the University of Sheffield in UK and a BA in Political Sciences from the University of Cyprus. Her key skills involve, project management, blogging, political communication, research and auditing. She loves summer, Friends TV series and electronic house music. She adores her dog, and she likes spending time with friends and family. She loves music festivals, travelling and volunteering. She is also a member of the “Cyprus Association for the Support of People with Epilepsy” which is a recognized association from both the Republic of Cyprus and the International Bureau for Epilepsy. Her ultimate goal is to be more involved and active in the social political sector and help people in need.

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Expert Policy Adviser, Personal Development and Empowerment

Demetris Papageorgiou is the owner and manager of ISIS Therapy Center in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is involved professionally with alternative therapies and have been trained in a number of therapeutical methods, including energy therapy, acupuncture, kinesiotherapy, homepathy, aromatherapy, gemotherapy, bio-therapy,  and others composing a harmonious holistic approach for personal development and empowerment. 

He has worked with cancer support groups before and after treatment, through relaxation techniques and positive visions.He is an expert policy adviser to companies and businesses on issues of relationship management and personal development.

He often holds seminars in Thessaloniki, Athens and other cities in Greece, as well as in Cyprus. He is a trainer at various European stakeholders and Erasmus + programs, focusing on the role of relaxation techniques and meditation in personal development and social empathy. He has contributed significantly to the work of volunteer organizations as a partner, consultant and trainer in matters of empowering young people and engaging them  in social initiatives.

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Expert Policy Adviser, Lawyer and Asylum, Refugees, Migration Issues

Iro Kourmbasi was born in Thessaloniki and is a graduate of Glamorgan University LLB, LLM specializing in European Law.

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Expert Policy Adviser, Legal Adviser

Vesna Milovanovic

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Project Officer and Researcher 

Katerina Xanthou holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Cyprus and at the moment she is doing her MA in Social and Psychological Dimensions of Music Education at European University Cyprus. She has been involved in voluntary activities since she was 16 years old and her interests lie in music, music education, humanitarian aid and the sociopsychological dimension of social problems reflected on young people with fewer opportunities and how these can be combated to work towards a better society in the future.

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