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#LeadTheWay Challenge

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Motivate Young People to React Act and Prevent Sexual Violence

You are well known and famous! A lot of young people follow you. They look up to you! They might consider you as a role model! Help us get the word out! Motivate young people to React Act and Prevent Sexual Violence.

The Challenge

Create your powerful message with against sexual violence with a short video and a photo and post it on your personal social media accounts, leading the way to others to do the same.

How to publish your message
  • Create your message: Your message, in English or your native language, should be in the form of a VIDEO and an IMAGE e.g. poster, drawing, text, photo, selfie. Be innovative, creative and original.

  • Post your message on your social media account (either on facebook, Instagram and or Twitter) and tag the page of the campaign

- Facebook @ReactActPreventSV

- Instagram @ReactActPreventSV

- Twitter @ReactActPrevent

  • Include the hashtags #ReactActPrevent #StopSexualViolence #LeadTheWay Challenge at the end of your post.

  • Messages will be widely disseminated throughout Europe.



The challenge will run from March 2019 across Europe and you can participate as many times as you wish.


The #LeadTheWay Challenge is part of a Campaign aiming:

• to challenge young people around Europe to send strong messages against sexual violence, using creative and innovative

• to initiate a strong and ongoing online awareness-raising and prevention wave against sexual violence, attracting the interest of people all around Europe

• to encourage, invite and challenge youth NGOs, from Europe and the rest of the world, to contribute towards initiating a strong European prevention movement against sexual violence

• to foster co-operation, involvement and support by other community stakeholders, including public authorities and educational institutes.

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