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The Programme S.P.A.O. Sports has been established recently due to the need identified to design and implement projects aiming at promoting the social dimension of sports, including issues for social inclusion, gender mainstreaming, equality promotion and others. 

The Social Policy and Action Organization is open to collaboration in collaborative partnerships related to social issues and sports. 

Current Projects

Curricular Pathways for Migrants’ Empowerment Through Sport

The Social Policy and Action Organization is a partner organization at the project entitled  "Curricular Pathways for Migrants’ Empowerment through Sport", funded by the Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership. The project focuses on employing the methodology of Education Through Sport (ETS) as a vehicle of upskilling and curricular enhancement of Sport operators working on the field with disadvantaged targets with migrant background in the perspective of fostering entrepreneurship in Sport by migrants.The Project aims at answering the challenge of social exclusion of migrants in Europe, with a focus on addressing the issue of systematic underrepresentation of migrants in non-playing roles within Sport clubs and organizations in general terms

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