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   Start now !: A Stategic Partnership to Promote Health among Young People




​The Social Policy and Action Organization organized successfully the first Info Day for project "START NOW!: STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP FOR HEALTH PROMOTION AMONG YOUTH" on 13th October from 17: 00-20:00 pm at Cafeneio Prodromos.

The Info Days were organized simultaneously in all partner countries and were open to the public. In Cyprus the first Info Day was attended by young volunteers,trainers, representatives from other NGOs and governmental departments.


Participants had a beautiful, enjoyable fun afternoon. They were informed about the project, the activities, the intellectual outputs and the results, they were presented with material developed during the project and then they had the opportunity to participate in different parts of the training modules, interactive exercises and games, They were also informed about the EU Erasmus + program and the opportunities offered to young people. At the same time they got to know each other, spend time, exchange views, ideas and practices. 

More Info Days have been arranged with students from different universities in Cyprus. 

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