Epilepsy and I

Awareness raising, information sharing, real life stories,

experiences and practices for enhancing quality of life

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I am Elia, a young active volunteer at the Social Policy and Action and I wish to share my life experiences and raise awareness on epilepsy and related topics. Epilepsy is considered a taboo subject in many countries of the world including Cyprus. I am a firm supporter of social change and I strongly believe that by sharing life experiences and circumstances people get a better grasp of their selves. 

This project represents a beautiful initiative which we envision to be developed further in the future.

Read our articles, visit my blog at https://www.elia-0.com and if you wish contact us to share your story, your ideas or views, or request assistance on an issue which may bother you. 

Thank you. 


Share with us your story, idea, view, need
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