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Youth Exchange, 12.09.2018-21.09.2018, Horezu Romania 

​The Social Policy and Action Organization was represented by a group of young people at the Youth Exchange entitled "Democracy and Society - DEMOS", organized by Pro Dezvoltare DACIA Association (APDD), from 12th to 21st September 2018 in Horezu, Romania. The Youth Exchange was funded by Erasmus+ K1 Youth Exchange. 

Parnter Organizations

Coordinator: Pro Dezvoltare DACIA Association (APDD) - Romania; P1: Ecoworld Rhodopes Association - Bulgaria; P2:Associação Juvenil da Ilha Terceira (AJITER)-Portugal; P3: Building Bridges Cultural Association - Spain; P4: Social Policy And Action Organization - Cyprus.

General objectives:
Supporting the young people in their orientation towards at least 5 flexible forms of employment or towards the transformation of their hobbies into businesses;
Increasing the chances of employing 50 young people between the ages of 16-24 by mastering the application techniques for a job;
Orientation towards a suitable job according to their own abilities of 50 young people, of which 50% young NEETs, by access to information;
Improving social skills and increasing self-confidence by participating in all activities of the project in an intercultural environment, with young people from 5 European countries.


In total 50 young people and 10 leaders participated at the Youth Exchange. 

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