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Call for Youth Ambassadors for the

React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence

Youth Campaign

The Social Policy and Action Organization is inviting dynamic young people (from 15-35 years old) to join the group of volunteering Youth Ambassadors for the React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Youth Campaign, aiming at raising awareness,  sharing important information, protecting and safeguarding children and young people, contributing strongly towards sexual violence prevention.

So if you are:

  • 15-35 years old;

  • Speak Greek and English fluently;

  • A person who is interested to provide voluntary help to other people;

  • Willing to contribute towards protecting and safeguarding other young people from sexual violence;

  • Engaging to helping the project teams spreading important information among young people, through social media and other online means;

  • Willing to develop new skills, abilities and gain experience in identifying, helping and raising awareness among other young people again sexual violence;

  • A visionary person, with willingness and passion to actively contribute towards positive changes in the society.

Join the React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Youth Campaign and you will:

  • Gain practical expertise and experience in developing, implementing and monitoring nation-wide awareness raising campaigns;

  • Network and establish contacts with other youth ambassadors from other EU countries;

  • Receive a Certificate honouring you as a Youth Ambassador;

  • Be honoured by officially presenting you as a pioneer Youth Ambassador, through all possible dissemination means, including publications and events organized throughout the project.

Youth Ambassadors have to be willing and engaged for the following assignments:

  • Spread the word, share information, talk to other young people regarding the project, activities, results; 

  • Like and share all posts posted by the project React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work; 

  • Participate and invite friends and families to do the same, in all the challenges organized throughout the Youth Campaign under the project; 

  • Talk to other young people about protection and holding bystander attitude to protect others, against sexual violence at all time; 

  • Network and establish contacts with others for sharing information and dissemination; 

  • Organize events (if possible) for sharing information and awareness raising with the assistance of the project team; 

  • Participate in project events, if possible, especially training for skill and knowledge enhancement on the issue; 

  • Express ideas, views for further actions for awareness raising and info dissemination. 

Deadline for Applications 9th November 2018.

How to apply? Just click on the link to the application form

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